Kelis And Khaleesi From 'Game Of Thrones' Were Basically Separated At Birth

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We already know that Kelis is a culinary fiend — her new album is called Food, for starters — but just how much television does she watch while snacking? Because we can't find a reason not to think about Game of Thrones during all waking hours, we put the singer's knowledge of her own work to the test against that of a powerful, traveling queen with a similar sounding name. And why not? With her own show coming to The Cooking Channel, Kelis has got to get a feel for the competition.

Our very own Ellie Lee sat down with Kelis, and brought some difficult Kelis/Khaleesi trivia to the table. When it comes to empowered quotes from fierce females, these two women are like peas in a pod. But whose milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and who once ate a raw horse heart? (Ok, that may be an easy one.) Check out the video above to see how well Kelis knows her own work and how much GOT she's really been watching.

And for more delectable treats from Kelis, watch her perform "Rumble" on Big Morning Buzz Live, below.

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