Charmaine Confronts Lily For What Appears to Be Round Two of Their Fight in This Black Ink Crew: Chicago' Sneak Peek

"I still allowed this little trick to work in the shop and now she has the audacity to say that I'm sweatshopping her."

The question of the day is: "WTF is going on?"

As the LLC holder of Loyal Ink, Charmaine has everyone f---ed up, even Cobra. In the Black Ink Crew: Chicago sneak peek, Cobra returns from Texas to see a strike going on outside of the new shop. Lily and newbie artist Reese explain.

We got Charmaine trying to tell us what to do. She brought out this rule saying that we're a 9 to 5, that we're a corporate job, and we get paid every two weeks and not even that like, she's trying to take 50% of our s---t.

Cobra didn't return for all of that and heads inside to see what's good with Charmaine. Offended that Lily and Reese said that she's treating her employees like sweatshop workers, Charmaine heads outside to press Lily and welp, things may get poppin' once again.

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