Lindsay Lohan's Parents Are Thotting It Up As Per Usual

They're trolling for a reality show. Did you expect anything less?

Do you ever go to Taco Bell, order a Crunchwrap Supreme, eat the entire thing (plus blue Mountain Dew), and then slightly hate yourself after? That, in a nutshell, is Michael and Dina Lohan.

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Lindsay Lohan's nauseating divorced parents—who we'll refer to as the Crunchwrap Duo from here on out—are currently shopping around an untitled reality project about their cuckoo family dynamics. The Gossip Table reports their show will take place in therapy, and the Crunchwrap Duo played nice long enough to sign a 50/50 producers contract. A network hasn't picked it up—yet.

But here's the catch: Lindsay won't be the focus of the show. The Crunchwrap Duo hopes their own personal brand of crazy will carry the entire series. Eh, we're not sure about that.

The Crunchwrap Duo did boost ratings when they appeared on the talk show The Test, but that eventually flopped. They probably drowned their sorrows at Taco Bell.

Unfortunately, in our humble opinion, a show with the Crunchwrap Duo minus Lindsay will equal this GIF:

Simple mathematics.