6 Outfits VH1 Stars Can Wear To Work That We Can't

From sheer catsuits to cleavage-baring capes, these stars bring club couture to work.

VH1 stars are lucky in that they can be their true, authentic selves at work. Unlike some of us average Joes who are bound to the business casual dress code of a traditional 9-5, stars like Evelyn Lozada, Cardi B, Zell Swag and Miss Nikki Baby can show up to work in just about anything they please because #fashion.

Whether its low cut blouses, "cleavage capes" or no shirt at all, there are literally no limits to what these stars rock to work and we're lowkey, highkey jealous. Since we regular, degular folks can't exactly wear the same things they do to the office, we're living vicariously through these ladies and gents who have the freedom to literally let it all hang out. Take a stroll through the gallery to see some sexy, outrageous and eccentric looks VH1 stars can get away with at work.

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