Slayer's Kerry King Calls Dave Mustaine "Crazy," Doesn't Know Why Anyone Stays In Megadeth

Kerry King just added himself to the growing list of people who don't like Dave Mustaine.

Kerry King doesn't "know how anybody can be in Megadeth for more than a couple of hours" because he thinks that Dave Mustaine is "crazy," according to King's interview with Loudwire.

In the interview, King was quick to praise Mustaine's early guitar skills, pointing to an early performance when he was still with Metallica. "I was so intrigued by Mustaine," King said, "because he was just ripping on guitar and looking out that way somewhere. And I can't do that to this fuckin' day. So I was just blown away at his guitar playing."

Quite the compliment, right? But King was referencing another time. Now, he feels differently about Mustaine. "I don't know how anybody can be in Megadeth for more than a couple of hours, 'cause that guy's crazy," he said. "He was cooler back then. ... He writes riffs in a very different perspective than I ... Even after playing with him for a number of months, I'd still ... I wouldn't do it. It's just not my style."

And there you have it. Kerry King just joined Marty Friedman and Nick Menza as one of Dave Mustaine's non-fans. On the bright side, Kendall Jenner supports both Megadeth and Slayer.

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