People Are Pissed Blac Chyna Is Peddling a New Skin Whitening Product In the Name of Securing a Bag

She's selling her whitening cream in Nigeria, which makes the whole thing even more problematic.

Oh no, Blac Chyna. What is you doing?

The social media star is no stranger to trending on Twitter and she's no stranger to Instagram endorsements, but things got taken to a whole new level when Chyna decided that her latest business venture would include going to Africa to promote skin whitening cream.


blac chyna

We know that Rob Kardashian isn't currently paying child support, but the mother of two should have probably thought twice before cashing in on a controversial cream that lightens skin.

According to an Instagram post Chyna will be hosting an event for “Whitenicious X Blac Chyna Diamond Illuminating & Lightening Cream" in Nigeria of all places.

She posted an invitation to her Instagram and immediately received backlash (and it's not just because the cream costs a whopping $250 a pop). Her business move has sparked a debate about colorism and the way that influencers like Chyna contribute to the problematic idea that lighter skin is better or more desirable.

Looks like Chyna knew some people would have problems with her product (and the fact that she is heading to Nigeria with it) because the social media influencer turned off comments on the post.

But that didn't stop Twitter from being quick with a response.

Some are calling the move "problematic..."

While others are calling it a PR stunt that's all about getting that money, honey.

Generally, the verdict is that Chyna's decision is not a positive one.

Chyna's representatives told TMZ that Chyna uses the cream to "deal with her hyperpigmentation," but the plain ol' fact of the matter is that the cream is used to lighten skin to conform to a more Western (re: whiter) standard of beauty.

Chyna's...interesting business endeavor comes just a few weeks after Spice took to social media with drastically bleached skin, and then revealed that it was all in the name of calling out colorism.