Everyone at NYFW Really Thought This Man Was Sisqo

Where's the rest of Dru Hill?

Someone's been watching re-runs of Steven Spielberg's Catch Me If You Can on TNT too many times. During New York Fashion Week,ex-Dru Hill lead singer, Sisqo, became one of the most talked about names at the event, but funny thing is he wasn't even there. A Sisco imposter, or just some guy with bleached blonde hair who was mistaken as the "Thong Song" singer, fooled many fashion heads throughout the week. He was able to make numerous NYFW appearances including attending fashion shows, posing for photographers and appearing at fashion parties.

This random guy was able to sit front row at the Philipp Plein, Vivienne Tam shows, and even Kanye West's exclusive Yeezy season 5 event. According to Bustle, the faux Sisqo allegedly bragged about playing fictional shows in the Meatpacking District, and also tried to talk his way onto some wealthy guy's private jet headed to the Caribbean. Reportedly, he had to give his passport details revealing the name Gavin Barnes (FYI: Sisqó's real name is Mark Althavean Andrews) and a birth year of 1986 — so, way too young to be the real deal. It's clear this guy isn't as good at forging documents as the young Leonardo DiCaprio was.

The singer’s real manager, Jeff Allen, told Page Six, “Management has no idea who this guy is. It’s flattering, I guess. Thanks for bringing it to our attention … What does his manager look like?”

Nice try, bro. Catch Me If You Can is a great movie, and based on true events from the 1960s, but in the digital age, stealing someone's identity is a wee bit difficult, especially when they're a celebrity. You tried it.

This isn't the person who tried to pull of Sisqo's look. Watch Zac Efron reveal a time in his life when he dyed his hair silver to look cool.