ICYMI: Jenn And Van Get Into a Screaming Match Over an Unintentional Nip-Slip But There's Clearly Something Deeper Going On With Van

"The problem is that he's going off the deep end because he's not going to Cabo because of all the parole mess."

Van can be upset all he wants at his girlfriend Jennifer but she informs him that no matter what he's feeling, he cannot speak to her like THIS.

In this Black Ink Crew: Chicago highlight, Jennifer pulls up to the shop BIG MAD because Van has been sending her the most vile text messages over an unintentional nip-slip on Snap Chat. She maintains that it was just an accident but Van ain't trying to hear all of that. To him, it was very intentional. Voices are raised and Jennifer realizes it has nothing to do with the flashing of one her headlights and everything to do with the fact that her man is still on probation and it's making him feel like a prisoner in his city. After all types of names are being thrown around, Van leaves to deescalate the situation because things begin to get really heated.

He needs to calm down with the name-calling though. Don't miss an all new Black Ink Crew:Chicago, next Wednesday at 8/7c!