Regina Hall Says the Biggest Difference Between Barbershops and Beauty Shops Is Sex Talk

Wait, what?

VH1's special "Behind The Movie: Exploring Chicago with the Cast of Barbershop: The Next Cut" airs tonight at 10 p.m., and the cast--including Regina Hall, Cedric the Entertainer and Common--get real about a variety of topics. Some are hard, like Chicago gun violence, a theme in the film (due out April 15). And some are soft, like the main difference between barbershops and beauty shops. What's the answer, you ask? Sex.

Well, according to Hall (who plays Angie in the film). The stunning actress believes barbershops are chock-full of graphic sexual chatter, and beauty shops are the opposite. "Clearly the difference is f--king, because we don't learn that," Hall said. "When you're in the beauty salon, the girls are telling you,'Don't!' We're talking about a guy, saying, 'You shouldn't have f-cked,' and [men in barbershops] are like, 'This is how you do it.'"

Common and Cedric the Entertainer didn't exactly deny this. "We just talk about [sex]," Common said.

"I have no problem with what you're saying right now," Cedric added.

Watch the clip above, and check out the special in full tonight.