Katy Perry Says She Will Work With Taylor Swift On One Condition

The on-going feud can finally come to an end.

Kanye West versus Taylor Swift has been the most popular music beef of the past few years, but Swift's feud with Katy Perry is low-key just as big. The two entertainers used to be "friends" until rumors surfaced of Swifts "Bad Blood" single was about Perry. They've been enemies ever since, but it seems Katy Perry is ready to burry the hatchet on one condition.

Perry left fans shocked after being asked if she would ever collaborate with Swift from a follower on Twitter. The pop star's response was surprising.

All it takes is an apology, but will Taylor actually go through with it? She hasn't been active on social media as of late due to Kimye exposing her lies about the "Famous" lyrics. Will this entice her to return?