Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell Revived Their 'Good Burger' Roles on 'The Tonight Show', and It Was Perfect

I'm a dude! She's a dude! He's a dude!

'90s lovers, prepare to freak TF out.

Seriously, we're not sure you're ready for this. Drum roll please: Nickelodeon icons Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell reunited on The Tonight Show last night...and revived their Good Burger roles! No, this is not a drill.

You have host Jimmy Fallon to thank for all of this nostalgic goodness. It all started when Jimmy mentioned to his audience he still fondly remembers his first job at a fast food restaurant. Cue flashback music, and enter an establishment we all know very well from our childhoods: Good. Burger.

And it was like nothing changed. (Well, except Jimmy's blonde hair.) Ed (Kel) was still as lovable and goofy as ever, squirting mustard on patrons and singing, "I'm a Dude!" at the top of his lungs. Oh! There was one tiny change: Kenan didn't play Dexter, but a hangry construction worker named Lester in desperate need of a Double Good Burger. Of course he didn't get it—this is Ed we're talking about, people!

Hands down, this is the best damn thing to come out of The Tonight Show this year. Our Nickelodeon-loving hearts are bursting with energy. BURSTING!

You owe it to your 11-year-old self to watch the video above. Seriously, show up late to work, if you have to. We promise they won't miss you.

Kel also makes an appearance in this video about the 2015 Streamy Awards. Check it out.

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