Erica Dixon Returns to Make Peace With Momma Dee and Let Rasheeda Know She is Being Way Too Easy on Kirk

"You let him back in?!...Finish him sis!"

New Erica, who this?

Now that Bambi is married to Scrappy and the two are expecting their first child, Momma Dee is all about family in this Love & Hop Hop Atlanta highlight. Erica Dixon and Momma Dee "have a new lease on life," and it's safe to say that their beef is officially dead. Erica knows all about the pregnancy and while she holds no grudges, it's still a little funny to her that now Bambi has to "deal with Momma Dee and her big ass mouth for the rest of her life."

As far as Rasheeda goes, Erica's feelings are hurt "to know that Rasheeda is constantly dealing with the same thing over and over with Kirk." Back in the day, things would've been handled differently; they "would've been pulled up on Jasmine." For the boss chick to compare her situation to Scrappy and Erica doesn't make sense to Emani's mom and Erica strongly feels that Rasheeda is being "way too easy" on Kirk.

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