Exclusive: Tiarra Shares Due Date, Details of Her Pregnancy With VH1

The baby is due in 2017!

On the season five finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Tiarra shared some exciting news that shocked fans, that she is pregnant with her fifth child. While we don't know the details of who the father is (J-Nicks? Scrapp? Someone completely different?) and where things stand with them, we did get Tiarra to send us a little update on her pregnancy.

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Tiarra revealed to VH1 that the baby is due January 12th, making her roughly 13 weeks along. She hasn't found out the sex of the baby yet but told us "[The baby's father] wants a girl, he wants to name her Brya Denver Shaw."

Tiarra also updated us on how she's been feeling, saying that the first trimester nausea has definitely kicked in. "I still get sick every day. I barely eat. The doctor is worried because I only like ice water and crunching ice makes me feel better. I've lost 8 pounds and so the sickness is really zapping all my energy." She also revealed she's not really showing and that she's been keeping her pregnancy under wraps until it was revealed on the show. The reality star said, "I usually hide my belly or suck it in [for pictures.] I am still doing appearances so I don't want people to see the little budge at the bottom."

We are sending big congratulations to Tiarra and can't wait to get an update at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion next Monday at 8/7c.