T.I. and Tiny's Lovey Dovey Exchange at 'Hip Hop Honors' Played With Our Emotions

This wasn't simply a "friendly" encouter.

T.I. and Tiny are no longer a couple, but every once in a while they drop little hints that they just might want that old thing back.

The former lovers crossed path on the 2017 Hip Hop Honors red carpet while Tiny posed with her group Xscape. Even among all the chaos happening on the red carpet, these two still managed to share a "moment" and a sweet embrace, right before Tiny is whisked off to take more photos with the gals.

At one point, the two of them meet up and look each other up and down like, "Hmm, should we rethink this whole divorce thing?" At least that's what it looked like...

Awww, aren't they just adorable?

No but seriously, can you guys get back together already?

Do you think this is a sign that T.I. and Tiny may one day reconcile, or are they the just coziest exes ever?

After a heated discussion, T.I. and Tiny come to the conclusion that they have grown apart and are at peace with their decision to separate.