Fashion Icon Faceoff: Pharrell vs. Kanye West

Which creative genius gets your vote: Skateboard P or Yeezy?

By Dontaira Terrell

It’s time to get “Happy” and celebrate with Grammy Award-winning artist Pharrell Williams. Today the Virginia Beach native turns 43-years-old and it’s a guarantee that he is going to live it up in style. An innovator in many ways, Williams has not only cemented his status within the music industry, he’s solidified his rightful place amongst fashion’s finest. The style star was named fashion icon and the epitome of cool at the 2015 CFDA Awards by the legendary Diane von Furstenberg. Even fellow fashion designer Kanye West said Pharrell is his style idol.

And that got us to thinking… Who made the greatest impact on the influence of fashion, Skateboard P or Yeezy? There’s no denying Kanye learned from the best, but has the student surpassed the teacher?

The Makings of Pharrell

Hats on Hats

Since the ‘90s, Pharrell’s hat game has been serious business. From trucker hats (remember he had everyone wanting one) and fitteds, to Army hats, newsboy caps and everything in between, we tip our toppers to P for his remarkable effect on hat history. But it was Pharrell’s 2014 Grammy Vivienne Westwood Buffalo hat that will forever be remembered because it literally stole the show. It earned its own Twitter account with more than 16,000 followers and later exhibited at Washington DC’s Newseum.

Short Suit

Pharrell pushed a new trend in menswear and chances are if you are a P devotee you have paired a blazer with rolled up trousers, worn a suit jacket with a pair of shorts, or better yet added a pair of high-water pants to your wardrobe like a boss.

Ice Cream

Fun, fearless fashion dictates Pharrell’s choices leading to a style all on his own—and it works! Who would have guessed clothes covered in vanilla cones, popsicles and frozen desserts would be so cool?

Billionaire Boys Club

His very own brand has been killing the fashion game for a minute. Honing in on the mantra “wealth is of the heart and mind not the pocket,” Pharrell’s extreme focus on producing high-end streetwear is evident. Even the stars are deciding which BBC hoodie or hat to cop and rock.


Pharrell’s collection of Adidas track jackets and sneaker is supreme, piling on the pieces in nearly every color imaginable. While the style might not look like much, the star’s drummed up all the hype Adidas needs. The brand announced a long-term collaboration with the designer, utilizing Pharrell’s cool factor that makes almost everything seem covetable.

The Makings of Kanye


Popped collars in hot pink, neon green and pastels? Insert Kanye. Back in the day, the rapper’s admiration for colorful Polo shirts led to some serious debate about his style choices and street cred. Still, despite his critics and distractors he stayed true to himself, pushing prep-school swag into the spotlight.

Louis Vuitton

Kanye does more than just name drop high-fashion brands and designers, he’s totally ‘bout it. After dropping his highly successful debut album The College Dropout, Kanye was never seen without his custom made, extra-large LV backpack. Hip hop and households followed.

Jesus Piece

He first wore his diamond encrusted Murakami Jesus piece back in 2008. The art, design, intricate detail, and overall architect behind this one-of-a-kind masterpiece is definitely a sight to behold. In true Kanye fashion, the brighter, the bigger, the better.

Sneaker Snob

When it comes to footwear, there is no denying that Mr. West has the magic touch. The price tag for a pair of Adidas Yeezy Boosts went for roughly $200 a pair, but sold out instantly in less than 15 minutes. Clearly that speaks to his eye for design and influential power within the sneaker community. Not to mention, he was awarded the 2015 Shoe of the Year award.

A.P.C. Collection

With big plans to catapult the menswear industry, Kanye designed a capsule collection with the luxurious French brand A.P.C. Everything sold out instantly, crashing A.P.C.’s website. Eventually this venture paved the way for him to become a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world with his Yeezy collections.

Both Pharrell and Kanye West unapologetically push the boundaries of fashion forward. Who has your vote?