After Sharing a Sweet Moment with Just Brittany, We Got 'SIGNED' Artist King Dillon to Give Us the Deets About Their Friendship

The rapper has nothing but nice things to say about his fellow Gemini.

While y'all may have been concerned with the drama between Just Brittany, M. Rose, and Bria, you may have missed the sweet moment that Brittany had with King Dillon. After things got heated between the girls, Brittany went to Dillon for some advice. From the start of the season, the pair have been getting to know one another. You may remember Dillon admitting that he was crushing on Brittany. There is definitely some chemistry between the two artists. Brittany has said, "I love King Dillon, and I feel like a lot of people pre-judge me before they get to know me--before they know who Brittany is--and he didn't do that like everybody else did." Yeah, I ship it. Judge me.


And after last night's episode, we wanted to get Dillon's side of the story.

VH1: I thought it was really wonderful that Brittany trusted you and felt comfortable going to you and showing her vulnerable side. Why do you think you were the one person that she felt comfortable going to?

King Dillon: I think me and Brittany don’t even know it, but we was best friends before we even knew it. Like, the first time we hung out we were just like, real, real interested in knowing more about each other and stuff like that. And then we found out we were both Geminis, like, it was crazy. My birthday’s June 1st and hers is the 11th, so it was like, man we shared a lot of things in common. And I know about what she’s been through. I mean, she’s from Texas, I’m from Detroit, we’re from two sides of the country, but she goes through stuff—real stuff--that I went through. She’s seen stuff that I’ve seen. [She's] lost people, too. Near and dear to her and so have I. So it’s like, we related on a different type of level and people wasn’t even trying to meet Brittany on that level. They just seen her for what she was or how she talked. You know, she may be loud, obnoxious--they might think that--but it just...That’s how she is. Once you know her, that’s how she is. You’re gonna get used to it like, “That’s just Brittany.”

VH1: And now I suddenly just…I get the name now.

King Dillon: Yeah [laughter] It’s just her. It’s just her. So it’s either you deal with her and accept her for who she is and she’ll accept you or, you know, you’ll get the bad side of her. Some people unfortunately got that. So, yeah, man. Brittany is like a real best friend to me, like, that’s a friend for life.

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