These Real-Life Side Chick Stories Will Leave Your Mouth on the Floor

We genuinely can't.

Being a side chick is an interesting experience. Sometimes, you know all the tea about the main and DGAF. Other times--most of the time--the guy keeps you a secret, and sh-t eventually hits the fan. Those make for way more interesting stories, and the Internet is filled with them. These eight are truly insane. A few will take you a while to watch, but they're totally worth it. Grab some popcorn. It's about to get crazy.

When the dude doesn't let you in his apartment because his girlfriend of five years is in there:

Oh, and your name in his phone is "Gary." ?

The time the main chick calls you up demanding answers, but you're not fazed:

Did you know he had an old lady?

When your man--a famous boy bander, apparently--literally hides you under the covers when the main comes over:

When you know damn well you're the side chick but just don't give a rat's ass.

The time your man asks you to pretend you don't know him at the grocery store, and you get suspicious: find another chick's tampons at his crib. -___-

When the main tracks down your number, texts you and hurls accusations:

Chill, please. We did not have sex.

When the main busts in on you, and she wants to fight:


When you get a text message from your man's actual wife:

I genuinely can't.

Get the lowdown on keeping your side piece satisfied in this video.

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