Manila Vows to Vote with Her Best Interest in Mind No Matter What the Other Queens Think in this All Stars 4 Sneak Peek

"I'm making the best decision for my game and I don't care what the other girls think."

The downright stun-ner Gia Gunn is gone baby gone but if you thought the drama was gone with her you forgot you're watching a show about drag queens. In a sneak peek for an all new RuPual's Drag Race All Stars, high off her lip sync win, Manila Luzon wipes away Gia's lipstick message and admits that even though she loves Gia deeply, she was annoying the f--k out of her and had to send her packing. Manila's Lip Sync For Your Legacy opponent Trinity Taylor tells Manila that she's really glad she ended up voting Gia off and not Valentina, like she teased she might do. Trinity said the decision "restored [her] faith in the person that [she] thought [Manila is]" which is like, deep.

Everyone nods in agreement with The Tuck and Manila makes a kinda 😑 face. Manila says, "The other queens fault me for weighing both of my options equally but I don't remember getting no rule book in how we're supposed to make these decisions," she continues, "I'm not here to play it safe. If I find myself in this position next time, I'm making the best decision for my game and I don't care what the other girls think." Then she makes this face.

Manila Luzon

The next day RuPaul comes through with the ominous message of "G.T.L." in this case: glitter, tuck, and lip sync but its origins are still deep in Jersey as the queens learn their next challenge will be the twisted and improvised daytime court show "Jersey Justice." The ladies break into groups where Latrice is feeling overpowered by Monique and Monét's repartee, Naomi is fan-girl-ing out for Manila, and Trinity is feeling concerned about Valentina's improv acting. Will this challenge break friendships and alliances? Will Manila find herself in a position to off the big competition, again?

Find out on an all new RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, Friday at 8/7c.