Some Salt-N-Pepa and LL Cool J: Celebrities at 'Hip Hop Honors' Share Who Inspired Their '90s Style

Asymmetric hairstyles and bamboo earrings.

In 2017 you would expect that the influences of the '90s would retreat further into the rear view but one thing that is undeniably unforgettable is that style, chile!

In this Hip Hop Honors: The 90's Game Changers web exclusive, Instagram star, Liane V catches up with some of the brightest stars in our current generation to find out how they dressed to impress in one of the most impressionable decades. In speaking on fashion during that era, Trina Rockstarr, the baddest b---h, used to channel her inner Salt-N-Pepa with her asymmetric hairstyle and bamboo earrings.

Xscape was all for the baggy pants with the over-sized shirt, boxers showing and all. (Abs had to be on point, though!)

America's Next Top Model host Law Roach is rolling with model Don Benjamin on this one, it was all about Tommy Hilfiger.

Oh what a time it was to be alive in the '90s. From backwards jerseys to rolling up one pant leg and doing it well like LL, check out what Fat Joe, Master P, the LOX and other celebs have to say about how they showed out back in the day.

And yes, we can't forget the oversize white T's, we see you Jadakiss!

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