Drew Elliott Sits Down With the Contestant Who Was Made for Instagram, But Not the 'Top Model' Competition

"Everyone was jealous of you, you're so pretty!"

This week on America's Next Top Model, the models learned to express their selfie in a selfie boot camp and sparkled in a gold photo shoot with male models. But one model learned that all that glitters is not gold when she was sent home this week.

Sandra Shehab wowed the judges with her bubbly personality, but they had a hard time seeing past her "Instagram Girl" persona and drop-dead gorgeous looks. With such a stiff competition, the judges are looking for next level fierce, and they just weren't sure that Sandra's pretty looks were enough to transform her from influencer into model.

Drew wanted to know what it was like in the house, competing with women who were jealous of her beauty. Hell, even Drew admits he was jealous of her. He brings up Rio specifically, who told Sandra that she envied her.

"I've never heard that before straight-up, so it was pretty intense to hear it from Rio and the way she said to me was like...In life everyone's gonna be jealous of you. Some people are going to think I'm beautiful, some people are gonna think I'm ugly."

Sandra is a devout Muslim, which she says made the competition a little difficult for her, but even though she "had to do some crazy things that [she] wasn't really used to," Sandra pushed herself out of her comfort zone and gave her all in the competition.

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