A1 & Lyrica Knew Their Moms Wouldn't Show Up To Dinner If The Other One Was There...So They Didn't Tell Them

"Wait a minute...Surprise her with your mom??"

Lyrica and A1 get sneaky when planning a family dinner with their moms in this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood bonus clip. A1 brings up the idea to Lyrica because he wants to sort out the beef once and for all, and even though she's down for it, her initial reaction reveals that she knows their moms might not be.

A1 knows that too, which is why he suggests not telling their respective moms that the other's mom will be there. Well, if you watched this week's Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, you'd know that this well-intentioned plan blows up in their faces when their moms come at each other in an upscale Hollywood restaurant. Looks like the lovebirds take the L on this one.

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