Miguel Says His Upcoming 'WILDHEART' Album Is "Sex"

This one's for you, ladies. Dudes, too, but mostly the ladies.

Miguel's third studio album, WILDHEART, is slated for a summer drop. So far, it sounds like the LP is going to be the ultimate release of everything you've been feeling since Kaleidoscope Dream. To use Miguel's words, "it's sex."

"This album is Los Angeles, it's attitude, it's aggression, it's sex, it's pyschedelia, it's lust, it's loneliness," Miguel says of the album.

How does the singer know when he's made an exceptional body of work? When he loves every song on it — and this is the case with WILDHEART. When asked if he had any favorite songs on the album, Miguel found it hard to decide. He did, however, give the names of four songs he's particularly proud of: "Leaves," "Face The Sun," "A Beautiful Exit," and "In The Valley."

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WILDHEART's official single is "Coffee" — not the Wale version, but that shouldn't stop you from playing it on repeat, anyways. Find out more about Miguel's forthcoming album in the clip, and stay tuned for a full-length version of our Playback interview with him, out next week.

Oh, and enjoy this.