ICYMI: Tyra Banks Pulls an ANTM First When She Awards Best Photo at Panel

That's what happens when you run your own show.

The best part of being the HMIC (Head Model In Charge) of America's Next Top Model is that you can do whatever you want and no one can stop you. That's exactly what Tyra Banks decided to do when she crowned the winner of best photo on this week's ANTM.

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THAT'S RIGHT! Tyra gave out the best photo award to SEVEN models. Seven, including: Brendi K., Shanice, Kyla, Khrystyana, Jeana, Sandra, and Rio. Now normally the titles of "best photo" goes to, you know, the SINGLE best photo but apparently, the vulnerability and natural beauty that each of these models tapped into and showed in their photo shoot shot by Tyra herself, impressed Ms. Banks so much that she thought seven of the nine girls deserved to be winners.

Tyra even said that it looks like these models are apart of a seven-page advertising campaign and TBH, she's not wrong.

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The only two models not included were the bottom two that were up for elimination, Christina and Erin with Christina packing her bags to head home.

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