#TeamMeek Vs. #TeamDrake: Find Out Which Hip Hop Heads Are Taking Sides In Rap's Biggest Beef

The debate rages on.

Want to know what the hip hop community is like at the moment? Well it can pretty much be summed up in the following gifs.

That's right— everyone is effectively gathered in a big circle around Drake and Meek Mill, gawking as the unlikely foes duke it out in a war of lyrics and subtweets. But what's a good fight if you don't pick a side? Hip hop heads on Twitter are fiercely divided between Team Drake and Team Meek. Both groups are stanning hard for their favorite rapper and debating who will emerge victorious.

It's tough not to argue that Drizzy is winning after he blessed the internet with two diss tracks, this weekend's "Charged Up" and today with the lacerating "Back To Back." All Meek has offered are his shady subtweets, and a trolly "song" consisting solely of him screaming.

There's no end to the battle in sight, but for now let's take a look at who's #TeamDrake or #TeamMeek.



As you can see, Drake's squad is definitely bigger and charged up. Meek's crew just seems defeated, like's it's hanging onto hope with all of their power. Mr. Rozay even seems a bit confused, tweeting support for both rappers.

UPDATE: 8/3 11 AM

A$AP Rocky weighed in on the Meek-Drake beef to MTV, playing the middle ground. "I think Meek will be fine,” he said. “I think he has a fanbase of his own, and I think that at the end of the day, there had to be a loser in the outcome, and it was Meek. ... If somebody helped Drake, I dunno, that might be considered cheating, but whoever wrote that — not saying Drake ain’t write it, I’m quite sure he did — that sh-t was insane. That sh-t was incredible, and I wanna thank Drake and Meek Mill for such a good battle. Regardless of if Drake write his sh-t or not, I’m still a fan.”

UPDATE: 8/4 11 AM

Now we've got 50 Cent taking some time off from pretending to be bankrupt to weigh in on the controversy. And he's decidedly Team Meek!

Since this whole thing began, we know you've had one question on your mind: "What's Ja Rule think!?" Thankfully Ja's decided to speak out, giving his views on the conflict in a series of tweets.