Jeana Takes Her Psychological Warfare Up a Notch During Khrystyana's Pantene Photo Shoot and It's...A Lot

Has anyone checked on Khrystyana lately?

Tensions are getting higher and higher as the competition gets down to the wire on America's Next Top Model. This week, the four remaining models got the chance to show that their picture is worth $100,000 with a Pantene photo shoot.

Khrystyana is doing great and looks #NextLevelFierce and I'd definitely buy 4,000 bottles of Pantene from her.


That is...until Jeana goes full-on psychological warfare on her and stands right by the camera, practicing her own poses and watching her intently. It's...


A lot.

Even for Jeana.


She's like a shark, stalking a baby seal. I'm living for the ~*drama*~.

Khrystyana has been Jeana's biggest rival in the competition so far, but she continues to raise the bar when it comes to her intimidation tactics. Khrystyana struggles to keep her focus, worried about whether or not Jeana is going to steal her poses.


We're a little worried about Khrystyana. Has anyone checked on her? Tune in to the finale of America's Next Top Model next Tuesday at 8/7c.