Watch: DJ Khaled Meets With the 'SIGNED' Artists and Of Course He Gives Them A Major Key to Success

Exclusive Key Alert.

Sometimes being on a music competition show can stress you all the way out and you need a little pick me up. There's literally no one better than professional hypeman/music producer extraordinaire DJ Khaled to give you some words of wisdom. Unlike the rest of us, who have to rely on Instagram and Snapchat for the major keys, Ren Thomas, Marcellus and King Dillon got the keys IRL.

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While Ross took a few artists (Just Brittany, CozyWithTheCurls and Jeff Chery) to M-I-A, Lenny S.' LA trip didn't seem like it was going to be as poppin'. That's until freaking DJ Khaled popped in on the artists while they were chilling in the studio. Lenny asks the artists to spit a bar real quick, and in the most DJ Khaled way possible, Khaled very soothingly tries to eliminate the pressure to show support. They all deliver their raps (with no one messing up!) and then Lenny asks what does it take to get on a Khaled record. The motivational moguls advice: You have to be willing to work hard, "like I ain't sleep in 40 years" hard. Well, these rappers better get to working if they want to get signed.

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