Kevin Hart Is Everyone’s Best Man in 'The Wedding Ringer'

It’s been a breakout year for both Kevin Hart and Josh Gad. The former has starred in hit after hit with About Last Night, Ride Along, and Think Like a Man Too. And Hart is showing no signs of slowing down with two more films slated for 2014 (School Dance and Top Five) and The Wedding Ringer (trailer above), which hits theaters on Jan. 16, 2015.

In the new movie, Hart stars as Jimmy Callahan, the owner and CEO of Best Man, a company that provides friendless grooms with a selection of best men to fill out their wedding parties. One of his clients happens to be Doug Harris, played by Gad, who is following up the unstoppable Frozen with another major leading role.

Together, the two are a winning comedic duo that is sure to fill theaters with laughs come this winter. "The two of us complement each other in a wild, dynamic way," Gad recently told USA Today. And by the looks of the trailer, we have to agree.

See who Gad is already recruiting for the Frozen sequel, in the video below.

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