Is Ariane Jealous Of Chris? Mimi's BFF Has Some Strong Opinions On Mimi's Love Life

"No, I'm not f--king mad at my friend for being a lesbian, like me."

Ariane Davis has always been Mimi Faust A1 hitta on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and Mimi's new relationship with Chris doesn't seem to be changing anything between the lifelong friends.

In an exclusive interview with VH1, Ariane explained what she really thinks of Chris, if she thinks Mimi will start calling herself a lesbian soon, and what her relationship is like with Stevie J.

Well, we wanted to chat with you because we've noticed on social media, viewers have implied that you're jealous Mimi's with Chris and not you.

Ariane Davis: First of all, okay. I hate starting off sentences with "first of all." Is that really what's going on because I don't really look at a lot of things?

There's been some conversations on social media about you being shady towards Chris because there's jealousy between you two.

I'm being shady with Chris because I know how the f--k Chris really is. I know exactly how Chris is in real life so that's, one, my reason for that. Two, I'm very happy for Mimi and she has become a different person and I love the person that she is. I'm not mad by any means. I have nothing against her newfound sexuality at all. I embrace it. I embrace her happiness. I embrace all of that. I mean why the f--k would I be mad for? Like, that sounds so stupid. I am a lesbian. What?

People are insane. This is why I don't read this s--t because people are nuts and if I were to go back and forth with ignorant people I would feel like I'm dumbing myself down, just like them. I can't deal. So to answer their questions, no I'm not f--king mad at my friend for being a lesbian, like me. I feel like I was influential more than anything. She saw how happy I was, and all the bulls--t too. She knows what comes along with it but she's happy. And I'm happy for her. Why the f--k would I be mad? Ignorant.

So, there's no part of you that desires that type of relationship with Mimi? She's just your friend?

Absolutely, she's my friend and if people are saying I'm secretly in love with her...if I wanted her I could've had her years ago. I'm not new to this. I'm super true to it so I could have had her if I wanted her. Just like anybody else. If I want you I can have you.

How did you first find out that Mimi was dating Chris? How did that interaction go?

[Laughs] Situations were happening and just little things started coming out and then she met Chris and she called and said, "I met somebody." And I'm like, "Is it a girl?" [Then she said,] "How do you know?" I could just hear it in her voice. It wasn't the usual "I met a guy." It wasn't that. She started laughing and started talking about it and she actually told me that she approached Chris. So, yeah, we went from there. I knew of Chris before she told me [they were dating.]

What did you know of Chris' reputation prior to their relationship?

I don't know. Chris was just roommates with one of my friend's ex-girlfriends. I knew of her from that because she used to be at their house when I was there, so we just saw each other in passing. It was never buddy-buddy conversation. None of that going on between Chris and I.

Chris told Mimi that he identified as being a boy in a female vessel but Mimi continues to refer to Chris as a she and her girlfriend. Do you think Mimi gets it?

I think, no. I think that Mimi is just as confused about the situation that was brought to her as Chris is. This is me speaking from my heart but I think Chris needs to go to therapy first and then go from there. That's it.

What do you make of Mimi saying she's not a lesbian. Do you think it's a matter of time before she embraces that?

No, no, I think that labels are ridiculous nowadays. Why would she be labeled? She likes who she likes and she says it over and over again. I don't think that she should put a label on herself. If she's loving women right now, let her be the free spirit and love women. She wants to go back to a man, that's her prerogative. Who cares? Labels are for canned food. I don't give a s--t.

At the VH1 offices, we often comment how you seem to be one of the more grounded cast members. It seems like you are who are you both on camera and off. Who else do you think is similar in that way?

I'm glad you said that. Well, D. Smith is one of my favorites. I think that Tiarra also, I like Tiarra a lot. Tammy! Tammy! Tammy! Tammy! To me, you don't understand, that girl is just like that on and off camera. That Baltimore, that attitude, I love it. I love her though. I think those are like my top three people that have come in and just have been themselves, true to whatever. This is me on and off camera. You know there are no surprises and I love that about those three.

You've always been the voice of reason to Mimi or Erica Dixon on Love & Hip Hop. Objectively, what do you think about all the love triangles and fights between women over men on the show?

Honestly and objectively, it's ultimately sad. That these women are fighting over these men. I haven't really seen any love in hip hop. I know that there are so many different elements of a relationship and so many things that happen and I get all of that. Can we see more of that?

I'd like to see more of that among the women. These riffs are gonna happen but men are men, and women should know that. They need to study the man, study men, and know that this is what they're gonna do and I'm either gonna deal with it or I’m not but I can't get mad at the next woman because this is the man that's ultimately doing it. He's doing it so why am I fighting with these women? Why am I fighting with these women? I never understood that. For me, I would want us to come together as a conglomerate like, "Listen, we about to roll up on this n---a, like all of us and then what's he gonna do? He's gonna s--t bricks because he's not gonna expect for his women to all come together and gang up on him. I would love to see that. When I talk about girl power, now that would be some girl power s--t. What!? I would be standing up in front of the TV clapping.

Speaking of love triangles, what is your relationship like with Stevie? Do you have a friendship with him?

Outside of everything, Stevie's always been cool with me. I don't get that close to him to allow that type of energy on me. But I don't have an issue with him in real time. I don't. Stevie is who he is. I don't have to deal with him. I commend the women that do because he's a lot, but thankfully, I am not one of those women that has to deal with him. His and byes are enough.

Is there any part of you that's like, dude, the way you have my friend looking on television or had my friend looking on TV, makes me feel a way?

No, because she put herself in positions too, so I stayed out of that outside of camera. I stay out of you know all of that. They know what they're both doing. I listen to her vent to me about him and I say what I need to say and that's it. We rarely talk about him these days. He is not a topic of conversation, for real. Chris is more of a topic of conversation. So cuckoo!

Between Chris and Nikko and Stevie, who has been the best fit for Mimi so far?


If you had to pick one of the above?

None of the above and she knows it! I keep telling her and she has even said it out of her mouth recently, "I know how to choose them." And, boy have you said a mouthful because I thought it for years, but baby? It's like she's a magnet for bulls--t. Awful.

My last question, have you been in touch with Erica Dixon? It seemed like you guys had a real friendship.

I have been in touch with Erica. I saw her a couple of Tuesdays ago and she's doing really well and it was good to see her. I try to talk to her you know when I can and when we're not so busy but yes Erica is definitely a real friend. I miss her on the show actually. I personally miss her because we set off of each other.