Jodeci's New Single "Every Moment" Proves Their Reunion Was Worth The 20 Year Wait

-By Renaud Jean Baptiste Jr. 

Rumors of a Jodeci reunion have been floating around yearly since the group’s unexpected hiatus in late 1995, shortly after the release of their third album, The Show, The Afterparty, The Hotel. We’re talking the days of dial-up modems and AOL disks, folks. Fast-forward 20 years and those rumors may finally be put to rest thanks to the release of a new single, “Every Moment.” This is the song every Jodeci fan was hoping for, reintroducing the world to the group’s distinct harmonies and melodies that made them R&B mainstays in the early to mid-90s.

In December the legendary quartet released “Nobody Wins” featuring B.O.B. which they performed live at the 2014 Soul Train Awards. The song was well received across the board mainly due to the excitement of officially hearing K-Ci, JoJo, Mr. Dalvin & Devante as Jodeci. But “Every Moment” delivers that quintessential Jodeci sound down to the synthy production; it should serve as proper foundation for a forthcoming album due out on Epic Records with Timbaland slated to produce.

Even with the super producer's guiding hand, it even possible for Jodeci to pull this comeback thing off after a 20-year vacay? So much has changed since their debut “Forever My Lady” dropped in spring of 1991. Rapper-slash-singer hybrids have invaded even R&B and Auto-tune has replaced actual vocal ability. But hey look at what D’Angelo, another '90s music God fresh from a double-digit hiatus, was able to accomplish with the surprise album Black Messiah. The moral of that story was ‘just do what you do’ and that’s all Jodeci has to do in order to reconnect with old fans, while making new ones.

Check out how Jodeci fan’s reacted after hearing their new single, “Every Moment.”

— MatH (@MatyH23) January 23, 2015