Who's Fetty Wap's Girl? Masika Kalysha and Alexis Sky Both Post About the Rapper on Instagram

"See you in a month bae!"

It's not just Love & Hip Hop on TV, it's love (and hip hop) in the streets too. Alexis Sky, rapper Fetty Wap's on-again, off-again girlfriend took to Instagram to show off her cute outfit (and also her bae in the background).

The always funny and self-aware Masika Kalysha took to Instagram to post her own funny take on Fetty Wap's girl posting about her (alleged, sometimes) man.

Kalysha captioned the meme with, "this was comical. I don't want him y'all can have him back. bitches really be out here playing musical chairs dick with a nigga that's playin duck duck goose with a group of bitches that know about each other. #IsItMyTurnYet #CanIpostYouOnMyIG #MyWeekWithBae #SharingIsCaring #SisterWives #BuyMeWhatYouBoughtHer #SeeYouInAmonthBae"

See you in a month bae? LOL. Wowza. What do you think of Fetty having these two beautiful women on retainer?