Behold the Beautiful Beckham Children Sitting Front Row at Burberry

And they didn't burst into tears (looking at you, Nori).

Beautiful David and Victoria Beckham brought their gorgeous and well-behaved children to the front row of Burberry's London to Los Angeles show Thursday night. It feels like only yesterday that Posh and Becks gave their firstborn a before-it-was-trendy name, and now 16-year-old Brooklyn (below, left) is a full-on teenager who has an iPhone glued to his hand, and may or may not be dating a movie star. What have we done since then? (Moved four times, learned how to pay taxes, and developed an addiction to television.) Here are Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz clearly in their element.

And here's Harper with her dad (and front row companion).

Upon further inspection, Brooklyn's life is definitely cooler than any other celeb offspring.

Exhibit A: He attends Jay Z and Beyoncé shows with his parents.

B: He hangs with top models.

"So nice to see Cara," says the caption. Not Cara Delevingne the supermodel/actress, just Cara, the woman he's probably known since he was in the womb and was destined to be friends with based on family pedigree.

C: He can kick it with the adults.

"Lily" would be Lily Mo Sheen, daughter of Kate Beckinsale (pictured) and Michael Sheen.

Not bad for a teen. At least his dad keeps him grounded.

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