Bonus Clip: K.Michelle Gets Tooth-Reducing Surgery To Make Room In Her Mouth For... You Know

“A bigger mouth and a smaller hole. That’s love.”

[mtvn_player height="288" width="512" content_uri=""]K.Michelle's so in love with her man Dr. Sims that she finds a way to make him relevant to her teeth replacement surgery in this K.Michelle: My Life bonus clip.

With Jonathan by her side, K.Michelle wonders if getting smaller teeth means there's more room in her mouth to pleasure her man. Jonathan points out that if that's true, she's killing two birds with one stone. So insightful. While this surgery probably isn't all about her man, she mentions that she's doing a lot for him – including getting vaginal surgery – but it's all a labor of love. "I'm doing so much for him. New teeth, new vagina. I think that's love." It's definitely something!

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