Secrets & Lies: Mally Mall & Miss Nikki Baby Are Hardcore Beefing On Twitter

The <I>Love & Hip Hop Hollywood</i> are really done. At least, for now.

Miss Nikki Baby and Mally Mall have taken their current breakup to social media, and they are going in. As previously reported, Mally called the police on Nikki after she broke $35K worth of fine china in his apartment. But now the whole thing is getting even messier online.

Mally started out delicately handling the situation with a seemingly, let bygones be bygones attitude:

Miss Nikki Baby had a different approach, that was more brutal.

This made Mally angry who came for Nikki and threatened to out her "secrets."

But the threats didn't seem to scare Miss Nikki Baby!

Then Mally was basically, DGAF:

But this morning, he did some recon, suggesting they were never meant to be...

But Nikki was more direct, again.

Oof. What do you think of these two airing their dirty laundry on social media?