Karlie Redd Hilariously Reveals That For a Hot Minute She Thought Joc Was Rocking a Lace Front

His hair must be that Malaysian 1/1B quality.

Yung Joc may have been bae for a couple of seasons, but Karlie Redd really likes them low-cut ceasars with the deep-waves. (Destiny's Child voice)

The bride-to-be (congrats again, sis) has a type and that doesn't include anyone who shares her own qualities, such as laid edges apparently. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star dropped by Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club to speak about her past and present sexapades with the New York radio giants.

Naturally, Karlie's prior relationship with Joc was brought up when her recent engagement to her fiancé Maurice 'Mo' Fayne was a topic of discussion. The convo switches gears to Joc's iconic hairstyles where Karlie says, "The original Joc" is her favorite look of his. As a Bronx girl, she likes that tape-up fade and all of that "perm" stuff isn't really rocking for her.

"At first I thought he was wearing lace front wigs so I had to look closely," she admits adding that she even asked her former flame, "Yo, you really grew your hair out like that? 'Cause I didn't think guys really [let their hair grow that fast.]" It wasn't until she pulled on his 1945 Sinatra-hairdo that Karlie realized those are Joc's actual tresses. She may not have been into it at first, but of course, it's still all love.

To hear about the crazy things that goes down in Karlie's bedroom and more, check out the full interview above. Oh, and shout out Joccy with the good hair! We see you taking your daily dose of Biotin.

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