Bria Has a Story to Tell About That Huge Fight She Had With Just Brittany on 'SIGNED'

She's definitely not intimidated.

One of the most tense scenes of SIGNED thus far happened in this week's episode and it didn't even have anything to do with The Moguls or an elimination. Yup, it was a fight between two of the most outspoken artists in the competition, Bria and Just Brittany.

Here's how things went down according to the deets gave After returning to the hotel from performing in front of The Moguls we all saw that things got really heated between Just Brittany and M. Rose. What we didn't understand was what really triggered Bria to get involved.

Turns out, M. Rose wrote the song for Brittany that was getting all the praise. After the performance, Bria and Brittany were talking about how it seemed like M. Rose was going to get eliminated and they had a disagreement on how M. Rose should have handled her performance. According to Bria, this is how their conversation went:

Bria felt like Just Brittany not revealing to The Moguls that M. Rose wrote her song was messed up.

"I felt like if you see someone that helped you out, why wouldn’t you help them out? Especially, if you're in the good right now, like why wouldn’t you do that?"

Bria admits she was sent over the edge by Brittany when she claimed that Bria and M. Rose were intimidated by her.

"Being intimidated? We weren't even talking about looks. We were talking about how she put [M. Rose] under the bus… when [M. Rose] brought it up to her, she was like, something like...'it’s not my fault that you don't have any heart to tell The Moguls.' And I was like that is so wrong and [I was close with M. Rose] so my whole thing is you’re not gonna run over my friend. And I just felt like I’m gonna stick up for my friend and stick up for what’s right. So when I called [Brittany] fake and [said she tries] to be nice to people to get what [she wants] I'm pretty sure [Brittany] was all nice and stuff when [M. Rose] was writing [her] song but afterwards, it's just like you let her fall."

Even though things got pretty heated and Bria was standing up for her friend, she says that she has no hard feelings towards Brittany.

"I don’t have anything negative to say about Brittany. I know I was saying some negative things... I feel like if you say something mean about someone, you should also [say] something positive. One thing I can say about Brittany is that she [has an] awesome, awesome work ethic and she’s a boss."

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