Joe Budden's Acceptance of Carmen Carrera and the Trans Community Makes Him the Real MVP

"Transgender, transition, gay, you not gay, like, if you cool then you're cool with me."

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The Hip Hop world is not always welcome to the LGBTQ community, making the moment Joe Budden learns and accepts that Carmen Carrera is a transwoman on Couples Therapy a very important one.

While in group session with Dr. Jenn Mann, Carmen admits that transitioning in her twenties "threw her into womanhood," tipping Joe off to the model's trans experience.

Later, Joe and Kaylin say they had no idea and Joe jokes, "I looked over and said, 'I wanted to tap you?'" admitting that, "F---, she looks good."

While Joe and Kaylin admit ignorance about what it means to be trans, the rapper says, "I don't care about stuff like that. Transgender, transition, gay, you not gay, like, if you cool then you cool with me."

The biggest question Joe has is whether Carmen's husband Adrian Torres identifies as being a gay man and Jaclyn Stapp and Janice Dickinson, looking like this, encourage him to ask what he doesn't know.

Joe says he wants to be sensitive to what Adrian's quirks are and doesn't want to trigger anything in him, "I'm not homophobic. I'm pretty welcome and open minded, in that regard. You know, my stance is, I love gay people, they love me. I just wanted to know what sexual preference Adrian is."

We imagine this will play out in a future episode but will Adrian mind the questions? Find out on all new Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn, Wednesday at 10/9c