This Viral Vine of Riley Curry Is an Important Reminder That, Like God, She's Always Watching

She's everywhere, omnipresent.

If there's one thing to learn from interview queen and daughter supreme Riley Curry, it's this: She's always watching.

The three-year-old daughter of Golden State Warrior Steph and cooking show star Ayesha outshone her record-setting dad for the umpteenth time yesterday. Steph, who recently became the first NBA player to be unanimously voted MVP, was accepting his award at a press conference when Riley walked by a row of people. She gave them the "I'm watching you" hand-eye signal before eventually taking her seat.

Riley's little moment was so epic and hilarious, the Internet turned it into a Vine that has since gone viral. Watch it here.

Riley—much like God, Drake and Beyonce—sees it all and wants you to know it. She is omnipresent, people, and cannot, will not be stopped.

Everyone, including us, is here for Riley's little reminder. See some of Twitter's reactions to Riley's latest press conference moment here.