Would The Guys Of 'That Awkward Moment' Ever Break Up With A Girl By Text?

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When casual dating creeps toward something serious, what do you do? Sit down somewhere quiet and have "the talk," or fake your own death and change your phone number? That's the question That Awkward Moment (in theaters Friday) explores from the male perspective. Stars Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller and Zac Efron play three single twentysomethings in New York--which is not much of a stretch considering they're three twentysomethings who filmed in New York. So... how do they play the dating game? Would they treat prospective girlfriends the same way their characters do?

Understanding that TAM is a work of fiction, we're still curious as to how three young, handsome Hollywood actors operate in their romantic life. Are they loquacious texters and/or Emoji enthusiasts? Do they clam up when asked to meet a girlfriend's mother, or are they the male friend that is guaranteed to hit on your mom over the holidays? Do they endorse the use of male enhancement drugs, or are they shy when it comes to talking about their junk? We put Michael, Miles and Zac to the test, and borrowed insight from their costar, Imogen Poots, and director, Tom Gormican, to find out what the guys are truly like off-screen. Are they everything you've dreamed of and more? Check out the video above to find out.

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