They're So Cute: Lyrica Puts A1 on Blast For Lowkey Stalking Her Before They Hooked Up

"He already knew it was gon' be lit."

Stay ready so you don't have to get ready. That's some sage advice we once got from the OG Will Smith. It seems Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star A1 has been putting those wise words of wisdom to use. He apparently had been plotting to make Lyrica his wife long before he ever met her.

The musical couple sat down with Amber Rose to tell the story of how they met in the elevator of a studio right before they were about to record a session together. Sparks immediately flew and they became inseparable in no time. Come to find out, A1 had been stalking the songstress on Twitter way before then. "He was already obsessed with me. He was already stalking me. He already followed me on Twitter. He already told someone I was gonna be his," Lyrica bragged as A1 tries to hide his embarrassment. Can't blame a guy for doing his research.