Kanye West's Latest Mistake on Twitter Is Easily His Most Embarrassing

Is this a joke, 'Ye?

Oh, Kanye West. What's going on, bb? Is everything OK?

First, you go in on Wiz Khalifa /compliment his pants. Then, you piss Taylor Swift off...again. Now, you make another blunder on Twitter--and this one is your most embarrassing yet.

The self-proclaimed king of Gospel music took to his favorite social media site Wednesday to talk about more crazy s--t. And he made a spelling mistake. A big one. People noticed.

"My number one enemy has been my ego," he tweeted, "there is only one thrown and that’s God's." That's right..."thrown." Not "throne." "Thrown." Keep in mind this is a man who has called himself a genius more times than Kim Kardashian has uttered the word "rude."

The rapper was crucified, because it's the Internet. Just take a look at some of the pointed responses:

Oy. West since corrected the error, but not before Us Weekly snagged a screenshot:

We're saying it: West misspelling the word "throne" is more mortifying than #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch-gate. Yup.

Kris Jenner, please check in on him.

West's trouble with Twitter began a few weeks ago when he publicly feuded with Wiz Khalifa. Relive that in the video below.

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