People Are Seriously Pissed That Justin Bieber Wore Metallica and Nirvana T-Shirts

He couldn't find anything else to wear that day?

Justin Bieber's outfit choices have been causing concern lately, but now, they're straight up pissing people off.

The Biebs has been spotted wearing ripped, ill-fitted garb over the past few weeks, which makes no sense because he's worth $200 million and can definitely afford to not look like he's struggling at Urban Outfitters. But it's what Bieber wore on Ellen DeGeneres the other day that provoked the metal community in particular.

Bieber wore a Metallica t-shirt, a supposed faux pas that happened just days after he wore a Nirvana tee to Kendall Jenner's 20th birthday party. Side note: Kendall Jenner also likes to wear Metallica t-shirts, apparently. Here's Bieber in the Metallica tee in question:

And here he is sporting Nirvana:

Metal fans are actually pissed about Bieber's tees, and a major part of the upset is that they don't think that Bieber listens to Metallica or Nirvana. Justin, do you listen to either of these two? Both? Please come clean, for the people's sake.

Not everyone took Bieber's ensemble as an insult, though.

But even those defending Bieber's sartorial choices still aren't sure that he actually listens to Metallica or Nirvana. As every die-hard fan of anyone knows, you can't wear someone's fan gear unless you're a real fan. That's just a fact of life.

Justin Bieber is just days away from releasing Purpose, but that's besides the point. We have bigger fish to fry out here! We need to know how likely it is that he likes Metallica and/or Nirvana so as to properly determine if he was justified in wearing their gear! I highly doubt that Justin Bieber listens to either. I am also not a metal fan, so I can't spot one when I see one.

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