So, How Sexy Was Trevor Noah During His 'Daily Show' Debut?

According to reports, your panties are falling off.

Let's cut to the chase. Trevor Noah is the fresh, new (obviously, very intellectual) meat in late night. Tonight, the South Africa native made his debut as Jon Stewart's Daily Show replacement, but was he as crush-worthy as we had hoped we would be or nah?

First, there was his fitted suit.

It's like I've never seen a suit before.

Then he started talking, and his accent was just. Wow.

I love words.

Off the bat, he joked about sensitive topics like race, immigration, and Whitney Houston.

Only the kind of confidence and humor a true, steaming, simultaneously on fire sexpot can pull off.

His dimples.

I think they're real but I also got lost in them for 33 minutes.

And the fact that he thanked Jon like the standup guy that he is.


The world agrees.

I'm not the only one.

To answer your question: yes, yes he was that sexy. Not only do we have a new love and appreciation for politics, but for the country of South Africa and the beautiful specimens, as such, it creates. He was funny, charming, relaxed, natural, and excuse me while I go make love to his dimples some more.

Welcome to our lives and very inappropriate thoughts, Trevor Noah. I think you'll really like it here.