The Great Gif Wall Of Stevie J's Rat Face

Stevie J's now infamous rat face from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was so awkwardly weird and funny it became a thing that caught the attention of the likes of Chris Brown who had fun imitating the heightened cheeks, fixed lip and scrunched face.


Stevie has no control over the rat face he makes when he's in the studio with a bad little boosh, or when he's doing the Birdman hand rub after talking about getting this bread. Who knows why he's incorporated this odd facial gesture in his daily life. We're just happy we have been able to bear witness to it for an entire season and counting. His daughter Eva has learned perfectly how to mock Daddy's rat face. As an homage to the rat face seen around the world we've compiled a gif wall of his best rat faces including a mashup video montage.

[mtvn_player vid="864445"]