17-Year-Old Paris Jackson Reveals She Attends Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Fiery Instagram Post

Michael Jackson's daughter is done with the "negativity" on Instagram.

Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson's 17-year-old daughter, made a shocking confession in an Instagram message she posted a few days ago: She attends Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings.

Paris' bombshell comes after she returned happy and healthy from a "therapeutic boarding school" in Utah, according to E!. It appears fans' expectations of her on social media--she has 137,000 followers on Instagram alone--set her off.

"This is f--king ridiculous," she wrote in the post. "I am expected to literally sit on my ass all day replying to comments people leave me (positive and negative)? I have AA meeting to go to. Family obligations. PERSONAL obligations."

And it seems to be more than just AA. Paris is livid about how much fans expect her to give, an issue her father dealt with, too. "It's so selfish that I am literally attacked on every f--king thing I post just because people that I DON'T EVEN KNOW aren't getting what they want...I appreciate the love and support, but the expectations are f--king ridiculous. The expectations for my DAD were f--king ridiculous," she wrote. "He didn't owe you anything, yet he was ripped to shreds DAILY. I will not let that happen to me."

And Paris is 100 percent right. It's unreasonable for fans to expect her to be at their beck and call, on Instagram or otherwise. People seem to forget celebrities are actual people with lives, jobs and problems. You don't respond to every comment on your Instagram, so why do you expect them to?

Not to quote Chris Crocker, but can we just leave this girl alone, please? She has more issues to work out than we realized. You don't need a "favorite" that badly.