Kissing Scenes from Iconic ‘80s Movies That Made Your Heart Melt

When Harry finally kissed Sally, Mikey got lucky with Andy and more.

They don't make movies today like they did in the '80s.

Sweet kissing scenes set to the most romantic songs of the time. Star-crossed lovers who find each other against all the odds. Declarations of love followed by happily ever after. Before picking someone up in your hot, red convertible to go to the movies became "Uber, Netflix and chill?"

Throw it back to when Andy and Mikey accidentally kissed in a cave, Watts and Keith practice made out in a garage and more iconic kissing scenes from your favorite '80s movies below.

The Breakfast Club

First Allison and Andrew, then Claire and John. This might be the best because, well, everyone makes out! And then John iconically puts Claire's earring in his ear. True love.

The Goonies

Remember when Andy (ugh, such an '80s girl name) unknowingly kisses Mikey in the dark instead of Brand? Poor Mikey didn't know what hit him.

When Harry Met Sally

Hate and love are more alike than you think, a nation that manifests itself in Harry and Sally's perfect kiss scene. God, if only the rest of us could find love on New Year's Eve...

Pretty In Pink

Blane professes his love. Duckie gives his approval. It's a flaw-free kiss scene complete with an ace musical choice playing in the background.

Some Kind Of Wonderful

Watts and Keith "practice make out," but let's be real. They wanted this to happen all along.

Sixteen Candles

Samantha finally gets her wish and locks lips with Jake over a fully lit birthday cake. Be still, my heart.

The Princess Bride

As Peter Falk said, this was the kiss that put all others to shame.

We asked Michelle Buteau and Jade Catta-Preta which Breakfast Club characters they would be. Check out what they said in the clip below and tell us, which character(s) would YOU pick?