10 Actors Poised To Be the Next Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling can't be Ryan Gosling forever. This year, he's made moves away from his current position as Hollywood's King of All Things Hot. He's wifing up, taking a break from filming, and fulfilling DILF duty with his newborn babygirl, which leaves the throne wide open. Which of Hollywood's other hotties has what it takes to fill Gosling's shoes? Which one can make you feel turned on, protected, rejected, and intrigued all at the same damn time? These 10 actors are certainly worth considering.

Jamie Dornan

[caption id="attachment_449265" align="aligncenter" width="615"][Photo Credit: Getty Images] [Photo Credit: Getty Images][/caption]Fifty Shades of Grey will be Jamie Dornan’s The Notebook. Regardless of whether critics love or hate the film, women and their BFFs will flock to the movies in droves and fall in love with Dornan as a brooding, charming, sexy billionaire with a secret, just like they did with Gosling’s bleeding heart Noah. It’s unavoidable.

Eddie Redmayne

[caption id="attachment_449190" align="aligncenter" width="615"][Photo Credit: Getty Images] [Photo Credit: Getty Images][/caption]Like Ryan Gosling before him, Eddie Redmayne is on an indie-darling-to-Oscar-nominee track. Whereas Gosling generated buzz with The Believer then later landed his first Academy nod with Half Nelson, Redmayne turned heads with Savage Grace and is now in awards-season conversation for The Theory of Everything. IRL Eddie doesn’t quite have the danger that Gosling’s got on lock, but he’s got the screen presence down pat.

Watch the Golden Globe nominated Redmayne discuss borrowing inspiration from pal Benedict Cumberbatch for The Theory of Everything.

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Oscar Isaac

[caption id="attachment_449192" align="aligncenter" width="615"][Photo Credit: Getty Images] [Photo Credit: Getty Images][/caption]Oscar Isaac is the sensitive-musician-who-happens-to-be-an-incredible-actor side of Ryan Gosling, and his singing in the criminally underseen 10 Years and Inside Llewyn Davis cements that. (Not to mention, Isaac occasionally plays Brooklyn venues with his band Nightlab.) The more people open their eyes to his side hustle, the more Oscar Isaac won’t just seem like another serious actor, but a meme-worthy heartthrob. Not that he really wants that (which ironically makes the case even stronger).

Tom Hiddleston

[caption id="attachment_449198" align="aligncenter" width="615"][Photo Credit: Getty Images] [Photo Credit: Getty Images][/caption]So this is cheating. Hiddleston is essentially the British version of Gosling already, and if you didn’t know that, welcome to the Internet. Any search of The Avengers star will wield results like ”Tom Hiddleston Will Ruin You for Life” and "11 Tom Hiddleston Quotes on Love That Will Melt Your Heart”.

Julian Morris

[caption id="attachment_449196" align="aligncenter" width="615"][Photo Credit: Getty Images] [Photo Credit: Getty Images][/caption]Chances are you have no idea who Julian Morris is unless you’re a New Girl or Pretty Little Liars stan. (Pro tip: let New Girl be your intro; he plays a pedo in PLL and it’s gross.) We’re basing this completely on sex appeal, and the charm of his character Ryan (coincidence? probably not), a British teacher who literally charms the pants off Zooey Deschanel's Jess. But ask anyone of your friends who the next Ryan Gosling is, and at least one of them will text you back, “The hot British guy on New Girl!” It has begun.

Michael B. Jordan

[caption id="attachment_449191" align="aligncenter" width="615"][Photo Credit: Getty Images] [Photo Credit: Getty Images][/caption]Mr. Hey Girl’s appeal is about 60% swag. The Gos has an effortless way of walking down the red carpet like he knows it’s all bullshit, but he’ll have fun with you anyway. The same can be said for Michael B. Jordan. With a simple smirk and nod of the head, both convey that they know they’re hot, know they have talent (just watch Jordan in Fruitvale Station), and know they have the upperhand in any situation.

MBJ is king of the quiver lip. Watch him discuss getting emotional for roles.

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Adam Driver

[caption id="attachment_449261" align="aligncenter" width="615"][Photo Credit: Getty Images] [Photo Credit: Getty Images][/caption]This is a choice only fans of Girls will understand, and it’s not easy to explain. Hell, we’re still trying to wrap our mind around how he creeped into our heart in the first place. In the HBO series, Driver’s character Adam went from being a walking used condom on a dirty Brooklyn street to the epitome of a perfect boyfriend in the span of one season. And when that character changed, so did public opinion. Driver’s become an unlikely rising A-lister, nabbing roles in everything from Noah Baumbach’s upcoming While We’re Young to J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars. Everyone is falling for him, and it can’t be stopped, so just embrace it.

Idris Elba

[caption id="attachment_449200" align="aligncenter" width="615"][Photo Credit: Getty Images] [Photo Credit: Getty Images][/caption]At this point, Idris Elba is more George Clooney than Ryan Gosling, but George Clooney isn’t also an international DJ who dresses like he’s about to paint a nude portrait of you. The Luther star has an ageless sex appeal that keeps him inexplicably shirtless, a la Gosling, in all of his projects. The dude was even touted as man-candy on The Office.

Jack O’Connell

[caption id="attachment_449201" align="aligncenter" width="615"][Photo Credit: Getty Images] [Photo Credit: Getty Images][/caption]The British former child star right now is Gosling around Murder by Numbers. A team-up with an older woman in a highly anticipated drama (for Gosling, it was Sandra Bullock), director Angelina Jolie on Unbroken, is introducing the world to his revamped career as an adult actor. Gone are his teenage days getting rowdy on Skins, O’Connell is now playing for Oscar gold.

Taylor Kitsch

[caption id="attachment_449202" align="aligncenter" width="615"][Photo Credit: Getty Images] [Photo Credit: Getty Images][/caption]Taylor Kitsch’s team has been trying to make Taylor Kitsch happen since Friday Night Lights made him TV’s sexiest super senior. But remember Battleship and John Carter? Yeah, that plan bombed. However, a couple failed blockbusters does not a washed-out young actor make. He was part of Ryan Murphy's The Normal Heart adaptation on HBO and Mark Wahlberg's Lone Survivor, and soon, Kitsch will be starring in the True Detective season two, which should make sure the actor isn't just another guy who peaked in high school.

Kitsch and director Peter Berg discuss the actor's career choices since FNL.

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