After the Show: How Are the Cast of Family Therapy Doing Since the Show Ended?

Are they using the tools that Dr. Jenn taught them?

The premiere season of Family Therapy saw famous families like the Lohans, the Dashes, and Bam and April Margera face their familial problems head on. Since filming of the reality series wrapped in August of 2015, we wondered how each of the families were handling their issues now without Dr. Jenn Mann and whether or not therapy was beneficial to their individual units.

VH1 reached out to representatives of each family to speak to their journey and where they stand, nearly a year later.

Bam and April Margera

April told VH1 that since they finished therapy she and Bam are making progress, "We have a much better level of communication. I'm not afraid to say things to him when he’s messing up. I'm not afraid to come right out and say, 'Look, you need to start thinking about this again.'"

April said Bam's sobriety was "so good for like, four months" until he hit a speed bump when a "friend" gave him alcohol as a gift. "I’m not saying that he’s not taking responsibility for himself," she continued, "I feel like he’s right on the edge of it. He want to build a new skate park and he’s going to go do it but we're trying to work really hard with each speed bump trying to get through it." April goes on to say that the experience of doing Family Therapy wasn't a quick fix but it put things in motion. "Is he the guy to go to rehab now? No, but he is considering it. We've talked about it. I think the lines of communication are much better and he’s starting to figure out why he’s doing all of these things."

Tiffany Pollard and Sister Patterson

Tiffany told VH1 that she thinks people are seeing her mother the wrong way from the show but said she's now a believer in therapy. "I never knew therapy could be fun and can be beneficial and I learned so much about myself during the process. It just wound up being a win-win for me and now I am believer of therapy and I think it’s great." The reality star opened up about her pregnancy and eventual miscarriage saying, "I would say to find out that I am pregnant on the show, that was like the most difficult thing."

As for, Sister Patterson, she declined an interview with VH1 but did tell Steve Harvey, despite her epiphany at the end of therapy, she knew Tiffany wasn't pregnant because she did a "spiritual assessment" on her daughter. She even asked, "Where's the baby?" much to the talk show host's disapproval.

Michael and Dina Lohan

In a statement to VH1, Michael said, "After the first two days of being on Family Therapy with Dina, I really thought it was a mistake...but lo and behold, I was wrong. Not only has the show given Dina and I chance to work through a lot of our differences, but it gave me a chance to see the way I acted and reacted to Dina, which in turn has brought us and our children much closer. Overall, it was a great experience and a great way to resolve differences and bring families closer, so much so that my partners and I are now opening up a family therapy treatment center at an exclusive location."

In an interview with VH1, Dina told us, "Today, Michael and I, my ex-husband, are at a better place, probably, than we've ever been."

Brittany and Briana Dejesus

Brittany told VH1 that since filming Family Therapy she's living her normal life still living with her mother, sister, and niece. "To be perfectly honestly, I still don’t have a solid relationship with [Briana.] I just think It's just like there’s only so much you can fix at the house. It's so many years that our relationship has been like that. Dr. Jenn is a miracle worker in a sense, but once we leave her facility she’s not here with us to keep us on track. It's not like we fight or anything like that. Its like she does her thing own thing and I do my own thing." Brittany went on to say that she's been in touch with several members of her father's family but has yet to travel to New York to meet them because she's not ready for that.

Dame, Bobby, and Jeremy Dash

In a conversation with VH1, Jeremy Dash said, "We truly for about a month after the show, Damon and I were in the best place we've ever been in our lives, speaking to each other numerous times a week, respectfully. It was awesome, just being brothers." He went on to say that things took a turn, "Little by little, there were glimmers of the old douche-baggery. He was fully reverting back to his old self."

According to Jeremy, Dame and he got in an argument after the show that Dame had Dr. Conte try and intervene. Jeremy went on to say that the last time he reached out to Damon was after their first episode aired. The youngest Dash brother also said his brother Bobby and Dame are still in touch but that Bobby had back surgery and Dame didn't reach out to their oldest brother.