Channing Tatum Dancing to "Run The World (Girls)" With Beyonce Is More Than You Can Handle

Oh, the slay.

This is beyond.

Sexy dancing bae Channing Tatum was on Lip Sync Battle last night where he trotted around the stage to "Let It Go" from Frozen and channeled his inner Sasha Fierce to "Run The World (Girls)." After descending from a horse, Channing, who apparently knows Beyonce's dance routine for this song by heart, was getting his life in a wig and freakum dress when a surprise guest joined him on the stage. It was Beyonce.

Bey strutted out with her hair flowing, eyes surveying the room kingdom, causing Chrissy Teigen and everyone else to lose their sh-t. The Queen came out with a full on crew behind her because that's just how queens roll, y'all. And then, she danced.

Channing could barely keep it together, ditching the routine and just bouncing around like a kid on a trampoline because honestly, what the hell else are you supposed to do during a Beyonce song while in Beyonce's presence?

Keep calm and vogue on, apparently. Like so:

Watch the royalty unfold at the timemark here.