Real Love: Shaunie O'Neal Shows Off Her Son's New Tattoo...Of HER Face!

Shaunie was left speechless by his gesture.

Shareef O'Neal has some serious love for his mama Shaunie--and he proved it by getting a portrait of her face etched onto him for forever.

The college basketball star posted a video to his Instagram story on Tuesda showcasing some new ink and the reference photo of his mom that was used for the tattoo. After that, Shaunie posted the same footage to her Instagram page saying she was, "literally speechless" and tagging the tattoo artist, Steve Wiebe, who made it all happen.

This testament of love comes following a really trying time for the O'Neal family. It was less than a year ago that Shareef had open heart surgery, and he only just got back on the basketball court in June.

Shaunie told Bleacher Report recently that she considers Shareef to be the "nucleus” of their family. "My mom calls him the dad, 'cause he is very in tune with where everybody is, what everybody's doing, making sure everybody's OK. And he's kind of always been that. He is kind of like a dad," Shaunie has said.

And even though this new Shaunie tattoo is especially personal, it's not the first time Shareef has made it known that it's always "family first." He's had that mantra tatted across his entire chest for a while now, but post-surgery, he's even more appreciative of his whole squad and how they stick together.

We're glad to see Shareef showing love to his mama and even happier to see him healthy and back on the court!