Erica Mena Tells Tommie Lee She Moved To Atlanta To Bag Her in the 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Sneak Peek

"I'd go out with Erica on some cool shit, like a light lunch in a well-lit area."

Erica Mena shoots her shot with Tommie Lee in the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta sneak peek and you've got to give the woman credit for being so forward.

Tommie is having some "serious flashbacks" when she hears that Erica became an Atlanta resident just so she could potentially date her. Tommie's not so sure she wants to dip into the lady pond again any time soon but Erica begs Tommie not to be uncomfortable when asking her on a date, asking her, "Do I make you nervous? I'm sorry... I make you nervous, you make me wet, so can we meet?" Surprisingly, Tommie is far more conservative than we give her credit for and she dips before committing to anything.

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